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Organized under the auspices of the International Field Emission Society June 10th-15th, 2018, Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States 2019 25 269-273 details   doi
MAM volume 25 issue 2 Cover and Back matter 2019 25 b1-b7 details   doi
MAM volume 25 issue 2 Cover and Front matter 2019 25 f1-f12 details   doi
Aboulfadl, H.; Keller, J.; Larsen, J.; Thuvander, M.; Riekehr, L.; Edoff, M.; Platzer-Björkman, C. Microstructural Characterization of Sulfurization Effects in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells 2019 25 532-538 details   doi
Bacchi, C.; Da Costa, G.; Vurpillot, F. Spatial and Compositional Biases Introduced by Position Sensitive Detection Systems in APT: A Simulation Approach 2019 25 418-424 details   doi
Barton, D.J.; Hornbuckle, B.C.; Darling, K.A.; Thompson, G.B. The Influence of Isoconcentration Surface Selection in Quantitative Outputs from Proximity Histograms 2019 25 401-409 details   doi
Beinke, D.; Schmitz, G. Atom Probe Reconstruction With a Locally Varying Emitter Shape 2019 25 280-287 details   doi
Ceguerra, A.V.; Day, A.C.; Ringer, S.P. Assessing the Spatial Accuracy of the Reconstruction in Atom Probe Tomography and a New Calibratable Adaptive Reconstruction 2019 25 309-319 details   doi
Costa, L.; Nunes, M.; Costa, S.; Trindade, M.; Miguel, C.; Ferreira, T. Unveiling the ambrotype: characterization of two 19th century photographs--ERRATUM 2019 25 561-561 details   doi
Day, A.C.; Ceguerra, A.V.; Ringer, S.P. Introducing a Crystallography-Mediated Reconstruction (CMR) Approach to Atom Probe Tomography 2019 25 288-300 details   doi
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