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Beginning January 1, 2018, instrument usage at NUCAPT is scheduled through NUCore.

Previously used scheduling systems:

January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2017: Facility Online Manager (FOM).

The information below is outdated and will be deleted shortly.

Schedules are maintained on our web calendar.

If you already have a NUCAPT user account, you may reserve intrument time using any iCal-compliant calendaring program. Mozilla Sunbird is installed on all NUCAPT PCs and is cross-platform, allowing you to install it on your PC. It is Free and Open Source (F/OSS).

You may not signup through a browser at this time--the link to the calendar is for viewing only.

Currently Available Calendars

Configuring Mozilla Sunbird

To configure Sunbird on your own machine or on a NUCAPT machine where it hasn't been setup:

  • Install Sunbird
  • Open Sunbird
  • Select "Subscribe to Remote Calendar..." from the "File" menu
  • Select "Remote" and click "Next"
  • Select "WebDAV," write the URL (e.g. "") in the "Location" box, and click "Next"
  • Put a name (e.g. "LEAP Schedule") in the "Calendar Name" box and select a color to display the schedule in & select "Next" and "Finish"
  • Login with your NUCAPT username and password.

Using Mozilla Sunbird

Once Sunbird has already been configured,

  • Confirm that the instrument isn't scheduled for use when you want to use it.
  • Press the "New Event" button.
  • Write your name and any notes regarding your scheduling into the "Title" box
  • Select the Start and End Dates and Times for your reservation
  • Uncheck Private
  • Select the appropriate file (e.g. "LEAP Schedule") from the "Calendar File" box.
  • Hit OK.
  • Double check your reservation.

iCal on OS X

  • Apple's iCal seems to have a major limitation, which prevents you from both subscribing to and publishing a calendar. Please do not use iCal unless you talk with Rick first. There are several potential work-arounds for this limitation.
  • The latest version of Apple's iCal (v1.5.5) seems to have solved the subscribing problem. One can subsribe to the LEAP calendar by copying and pasting the URL into the subscribe dialog box in iCal. However, you still cannot publish to the LEAP calendar. Apple's iCal also cannot understand the URL name for the "Seidman Group Calendar". The work-around is to download the calendar to your desktop and import it into Apple's iCal. The calendar will not automatically refresh and must be downloaded periodically.


iSynCal is a commercial product which costs $20. A free 15 day demo is available. It may or may not be a work-around

Shell Script

The following shell script can be used to first download a copy of the web calendar locally & then launch iCal. Whenever you are ready to publish a time, you will need to use the script to launch iCal for you. This involves exiting out of iCal if you already have it open.

 # Change these to suit your settings
 URL=http: //
 # Get the calendar from the web
 curl \
  $URL$LEAP.ics -o ~/Library/Calendars/$i.ics
 # Launch iCal
 open -a

Read-only Access

Other iCal-Compliant Programs

While Outlook isn't iCal compliant, users might be able to try RemoteCalendars or can refer to this page to hack out a solution.