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LibX, showing the toolbar and the context options
Maintainer VT (mod by Richard Karnesky)
Latest release: 1.5.5 / June 28, 2008
OS: All
Genre: Reference management
License: Mozilla Public License


LibX is a free and open source extension for Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey and Internet Explorer developed by Virginia Tech that is used by many libraries to provide direct access to library resources.

NUCAPT maintains a bibliographic database of content relevant to the Seidman group. The above extension provides primitive support for this resource.

The NUCAPT version of this extension was created when Northwestern University did not yet have an official extension. If you do not need access to NUCAPT's literature database, you may wish to use the official University extension (thanks to Stu Baker!). Note that I believe the official extension has nothing that the NUCAPT version lacks. Additional reasons you might want to use the NUCAPT version are that our OpenURL support may be a bit better, our extension may work on more websites, and it will work on IE.